Billy is a bit of a bully and that’s why he got this name. Full of attitude but so far out of the two he’s the one that allows head scratches

He is a quaker and is about a year old.


Meet Otis. I decided on this name because he’s spunky. He might be fearful of a lot of things but he will still be the one to get things done and if food is involved all the more.

The story thus far… Part 1

I wish I could begin this with I was born and now I’m 45.  Except that doesn’t quite cover it.  Maybe I could start with today and work backwards?  I’ll try that today and see how it goes.  So…

I am sitting here typing this out in my apartment.  It is 5pm here in Tomball TX and yes I should be at work but I’m not.  Monday of this week I got to work around 8am and was told I was being terminated.  Reason I was given was that I wasn’t focusing on my job to the degree they expected.  I was stunned.  I am not a morning person so it seemed surreal.I hear these words and just stood there for a moment.  I then asked if I could grab my stuff.  They said yes.  After a few moments I had my items in hand and turned to the owner and asked if this was really happening.  He said yes.

You see in this office, it is flooring store, we often joked to the extreme like I assume all men do?  Well I say we because I did it as well but often I was the butt of every joke in the office.  And no I didn’t always handle it well.  Often my wife made part of vile jokes that were hurtful.  More on that in a few.

So Monday afternoon I am reeling and get to thinking about what happened.  It’s not unlike going through all the stages of grief.  I wish I could say I am well adjusted enough to be at acceptance but I am not perfect.

Lets back up a bit or get some perspective.  After being underemployed for 10 months I got this great job with some great people.  Will is the owner.  He seemed to be the type that if he gave you a hard time he liked you the most.  So I thought he really cared for me because yes he gave me a real hard time.  I could see he was loyal and ready to give his shirt to whomever needed it.

Damon is a sales guy.  He is more than half my age.  He is fun and always seemed to want to make me laugh even when he was ribbing me.  I enjoyed working with him.  Craig is another sales guy.  He seemed a little frazzled all the time but turns out he is a pretty good friend.

Carlos…let skip over him for a moment.

So about the end of October 2018 I begin working at this shop.  My understanding was that since I was green I wouldn’t be selling much.  Instead I’d handle all orders, scheduling, and AP with a mind to watch out for profit as that was part of my compensation.

Almost forgot, around December of 2018 my wife (yes I got married too, more on that later) tells me she wants a divorce and I need to move out.  This was after just 20 months of marriage.  So needless to say I was dealing with a lot.  Did it effect my work?  I’d be lying if I said no.  Luckily my boss was understanding and also tried to be kind and assure me that things were turning around for me.  I believed him.

The move out of my wife’s home was quick and rather painless.  It helped that when I moved in I got rid of most of my stuff because we had two of everything and naturally my stuff was chosen to get gone at that time.  Of course when I moved out I had to rebuy everything.  Still could use a bed but a blow up mattress is doing the trick for now.

Recently a new person was hired.  Mind you the shop was really slow and daily the owner was telling us how we can’t afford to pay bills and what not.  Of course when I heard about this new hire my guard went up.  It seemed a rather strange idea to hire someone when we are being told we can’t pay bills.  But the boss can do whatever he wants.

I was never told what this new person’s role was.  I was told she was hired because my boss felt sorry for her.  Turns out her husband was in jail and after serving his prison term he’d be deported.  Apparently this guy had known my boss for a while and he felt he should help her.  Fine with me.  See Will is a guy that does these things.

Which brings me to Carlos.  He was a partner but after you pay back a partner’s equity and they don’t receive a paycheck they just end up being someone that hangs out and doesn’t go home.  I don’t want to disparage him as he is a nice guy but just about everyone of us including Will have said that instead of helping he often creates problems where there weren’t any.  My annoyance began when he started talking to me like I was his child.  I had to eventually point out that he never talked to the other guys that way and it wasn’t acceptable for him to do that to me.  Needless to say he had been pouting and hardly speaking to me for a while.

Last week we were to install a counter-top.  What’s involved here is buying the slab then getting the fabricator to measure or template where it’s going to be put.  Then they install it.  Usually a 2 day process.  Our fabricator doesn’t speak English so here is where Carlos comes in handy.

I hear Carlos and Will talking about this fabrication and how Carlos didn’t know about it naturally implying that I didn’t tell him.  Instead of me calling him out I wait and tell Will when it’s just the two of us that Carlos did know about it and all he’d have to do it check the video tape to see that him and Craig spoke about it at my desk.  I witnessed it.  I was hoping for my boss to be cool about it but he yells across the office that I said he knew about it.  Naturally Carlos is mad and by the next week I’m gone.

Coincidence or just bad timing?  Who knows.  I was told that I was being terminated for no focusing on my job.  Meanwhile, one person plays candy crush on their phone most of the day.  The new girl is literally running her separate business while at the shop.  Another is often MIA.  Like I said I was dealing with a lot but out of all of them I think I focused as much as was required if not more than most.

It is hard not to be bitter or angry.  I am human.  I do feel sometimes that the universe is trying to break me.  My wife couldn’t handle me not having steady income.  I eventually did and it wasn’t enough only to be let go.  My boss felt sorry for this girl he never met and gave her my job.  He knew me for a bit longer and no qualms to do this to me again.  I thought he was a friend.  I thought he was one of those rare people these days that actually cared.

The bible say return evil to no one.  I can’t let the anger win nor can I let it keep me from putting one foot in front of the other.  I was without work for 10 months and it nearly did me in.  I can’t do that again.

This job was tense at times.  I did love it and loved the people I worked with.  Even though Carlos drove me crazy he is a nice guy.  Means well.  So not having a job is much worse.

Did I mention I went back to school?  So student loans will carry me through for a few months.  Hopefully something will come along soon that ends up being the jo that I have been waiting for.  I pray.

I will continue this soon.  Hopefully I will be in better spirits then.

Harley is right here still.  Now we ave lots of free time together and that can only e a good thing for us.  We do have additions to the family which I will also introduce soon.

As always I am thankful anyone even reads that.  My typing and spelling is horrible and now the letter B is sticking on my keyboard.  Please forgive me if that makes it worse.

I hope to get back to check out ya’ll blogs too


Jim and Harley

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Coming soon…

Coming soon is a relaunch of this blog/site.

So much has happened and boy do I need a place to vent and maybe get advice from the blogging community.

So starting very soon some new content. Gonna change it up by posting vlogs as well as articles and stories. Sometimes typing just isn’t quicker enough.

As always Harley will be featured as we are still on this journey together.

I hope you all have been well. I look forward to catching up on your lives and blogs as well.


Jim, Harley, and family.