I hope everyone had the best holidays. Ours were not very eventful. Spent time with family and friends. What else could be better?



I don’t want to whine about work because I am grateful to be employed but it’s gotten stressful and I might not always handle the stress so well. We are on the verge of being sold so everyday there is a million different things to stay on top of. Glad to have a four day break though.



Also, worried that if the new company takes over where or not they keep me. I just want everyone else to be okay. I know if it goes down that way I’ll be fine. I hope.


Decided to try and move around more by riding my bike. I really hate it because it’s work but getting used to it.

I can’t wait to get so into it that I’m posting about it on FB all the time!

Take care and I’ll blog more soon.

Jim and Harley

Tropical Tuesday

Some of you have already seen these if you follow Harley on instagram or Twitter.  Still worth seeing again and sharing with you all, I think.  :)






Harley will get on my shoulder and grab water when I’m watering the garden.  Normally when I make it “rain” he hates it but this day he was eager and excited to get wet.  If only the phone took better pics.  Still not so bad, right?

Hope you all are well.

Jim and Harley

What’s Been Going On?

So many things to tell you but for now I won’t overwhelm you.

So many things will be changing for me in the near future.

Soon to be living alone. I don’t think I’ve ever lived alone. Might be refreshing. Then again Harley will be there to keep me company.

May be changing jobs soon. Which could be a relief because the Justice Dept may be investigating the owners of the apartment community I work at.

So a major change in life and lifestyle is coming. I wish I could see into the future to see if it all works out for the best.

On top of this my niece’s husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. He leaves behind her and 5 young kids. Then my oldest sister has a grim diagnosis with her brain cancer.

How much more can you take before you pop?

Then again you focus on the positive and keep moving forward.


Hope everyone is happy and safe.

Talk to you very soon.
Jim & Harley

Cussin’ macaw helped break school abduction case


The only good reason to teach your bird to cuss?

Originally posted on KSN-TV:

Christina Regusters - (AP Photo/Philadelphia Police Department, File) Christina Regusters – (AP Photo/Philadelphia Police Department, File)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia detective has testified about a foul-mouthed bird that helped lead police to the woman charged with abducting a 5-year-old from school.

The girl said she heard a talking bird during the 19 hours she spent blindfolded in a house where she was sexually assaulted.

She also glimpsed the back of the west Philadelphia house before she was abandoned at a park.

Detective Daniel O’Malley testified Friday that he focused on the bird as he worked the case in January 2013.

He said a tip led him to the house where 19-year-old Christina Regusters lived with a loud macaw who cussed out investigators.

Regusters knew the girl from an after-school program where she worked.

Her lawyer has argued that police have the wrong suspect. Regusters’ trial resumes next week.

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