For years now Harley has had his own facebook page . I know some of you are aware of this and have become friends on FB. This post is not to get more likes or friends and I will explain why.

A few weeks ago a friend contacted me, Jim the human care taker of Harley, and mentioned that Harley’s page was deleted.

I logged in and I was told that it appeared I was promoting a business and had to convert my page to a facebook page. I thought I had a FB page but a personal page is called something else. Not really sure what that is but I digress.

After much thought I decided to convert the page. Actually FB didn’t give me a choice.

Before I go any further let me say I do know having a facebook page for a non-human is a violation of FB policy. I know that might invalidate the rest of my rant or commentary here but I never saw the harm.

I don’t feel I was misleading people into thinking that Harley was an actual human. Yes I did post about my eBay items but it wasn’t very often. I see no difference in a human liking an item. Who’s to say the item they liked or posted or commented on might be something they are selling as well.

Here are a few reasons why I don’t like the new page. Sure all the friends I had converted to likes. But the biggest issue for me is the interaction with my friends. The only thing I can see on my page now is my posts. I cannot see the posts of my likers or even like or comment on their posts if I could see them. I hate that. My FB friends used to share beautiful pics of all sorts of things from personal to shared ones from the net. And I am no longer a part of any of the groups I once was. There was one all about finding lost pets. We would all share and help each other find lost pets. I’m sad that I can’t help and because of the nature of the facebook page I’m stuck with I can’t rejoin the group and I can’t even like it myself.

Another issue is the privacy. I can’t control who sees or likes the new page. It’s like everything is set to the widest audience. On my old page I controlled who saw what and just about everything else.

I’m mad the FB didn’t give me a chance to apologize or fix the issue. I was forced to change. Not to mention all my earlier post and pics are gone. It’s like starting from scratch or less than that. I liked being to go back and revisit old pics or old conversations.

At this point I may 1. create another page and ask all the likes to friend the new page. 2. Keep it as is and just deal. 3. Quit FB all together. 4. email FB and convince them that there is a human behind the bird and I just don’t want my actual face on FB and hope they convert it back.

What are your thoughts? What should I do? What would you do?

As always thanks for reading.
Jim & Harley

BTW On the new page I posted my first comment and mentioned FB. I got an error that said I must capitalize the word facebook. I meant to get a screen capture because I was kind of weird and funny and I thought no one would believe me. LOL!



Gonna keep the words brief and just let the pics speak for themselves.
Went to the Houston Zoo. Captured rhino butt.
A real happy crow.
Beautiful giraffe.
Sleepy owl.
Tiger tongue.
Lion tongue.
We had so much rain that my yard was a pond and some ducks were loving it.
Of course Harley had to pose for the camera.

And this lizard just needed to stretch and chill for a bit.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. If you want more details about the pics please ask in the comment section.

Talk to you soon,
Jim & Harley