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California Flocks – Eat Acorns and Avocados!!!

This post is dedicated to a YouTube channel I recently found.  It is called “California Flocks.”  Visit the page here.

Their “about” page says “A channel dedicated to the admiration of real naturalized parrots of California.”

Basically this YouTube user posts videos of non-native parrots located in California.  There are many great videos that are not really long and have minimal commentary.  The commentary usually only consists of telling you about the parrots you are seeing and what they are up to.

I could literally watch all day.  Here is a video of all the species this person saw during 2012.

When I saw this YouTube page I thought it was really cool that California has parrots.  I am sure where I live in Texas we have some too but no one has dedicated a YouTube page to document them…..yet!

All are great and very educational but I really want to focus on two videos that they posted.

This video focuses on exotic feeding but one of the things that stood out to me was the fact that these parrots eat acorns.  Do a search to see if parrots can eat acorns and they are on all food lists as toxic.  So this begs the question how can these parrots eat them and be okay?  Someone told me they eat clay and that helps absorb toxins but in all the videos California Flocks has posted they have never shown any of the flocks in California eating any clay.  So that can’t be it.  My bird will walk across my yard sampling everything and I know he has eaten a lot of acorns here.  Maybe there are certain species of acorns that are toxic?  Maybe this issue with acorns need to be reevaluated.  I don’t know.

Here is another that actually kinda blew my mind.

The title alone made me do a double take.  Again, search for avocados and parrots and you will see them on the toxic list and maybe even listed as deadly to parrots.  SO how can these birds eat them and be okay?  On the video the commentator says that maybe the issue is bird species specific or avocado species specific and maybe the same goes with acorns.  Either way I do not plan on making guacamole and feeding it to Harley.  Still it begs the same questions above.  Is a slight amount okay?  Has it been just assumed avocados are bad?  Is there a study with parrots and these plants or is it info that was just passed on and taken as fact?

These questions are interesting to say the least and these videos are a great resource for what parrots actually eat in the wild.  What I found while watching these videos is that these parrots eat more flowers than I ever thought.  You can see that in this last video.  It is over 12 minutes but hopefully by this point you love this YouTube channel and won’t mind.  (This video documents all the parrot species currently thriving in California.)

Again if you like parrots and bird watching you won’t find a better YouTube channel.  Subscribe to it for updates.

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