It has been a while…

Time has flown since the last time I wrote on my blog.  I’ve missed you all that are kind enough to visit and comment.  I hope you all have been well.  I could update you on all the issues I am dealing with and touch on the last items I mentioned in my last post but I’d rather not at this time.  I may type up a proper follow up to that post but not now.  Instead…

Here is the latest pic of Harley and I.


We were outside checking out the garden when it decided to pour what seemed like gallons of rain all at once.  Since it was really hot we agreed that playing in the rain was okay this time.


Some flowers are blooming.


Just a few random touches of color that make me happy as I walk around my yard.


Of course Harley is here looking good as ever.


Not to long ago we were able to get some plumbs from our tree.  In all got about 4 dozen plumbs off this tree.  Not to bad.


This guy, who lives in Amarillo TX with my brother-in-law, may end up in my home.  His name is Pepe and he’s a white capped pionus.  He may stay in Amarillo so we’ll see.


Not sure how much you know about the weather here in Houston lately but aside from today’s downpour it’s been really wet.  Flooding in fact.  My yard still has standing water.  Not good for the fruit treats but the mosquitoes love it.  I think they are having their best year ever.  The frogs too.


Due to all the rain this guy decided to come say hello.  Unfortunately he’s not a nice guy and had to leave this world.  I’m sure his family misses him.  They have my condolences.


So that was an update of sorts.  I leave you woth this goofy shot.   I’ve been leaving more and more of the orange peel on the orange so Harley can have the fun of getting to the tasty center.  Supposed to help keep his mind sharp.  Not sure if it’s working.

Hope you all have been well.  Take care.  Now to read up on all I’ve missed from my friends here.

Jim & Harley


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