Pecans are on their way

Here is Harley enjoying some unripe pecans.


These are from a branch that fell.  This poor tree must not be feeling so well.  It keeps losing branches.  Luckily I have 7 other pecan trees so there still should be a good crop this year.  I need to find out when the normally ripen although they usually say you’ll know because they start falling off the tree.  I’d just like to be prepared.

If you’d like some sent to ya just let me know.  🙂


Today in Spring TX it is real windy.  Not sure if that is due to Isaac or just wind.  The unfortunate side effect of it being hot and windy is that it dries out my citrus trees and causes the fruit to split.  It works them same as it does with your skin I guess.


I thought my plants were being attacked by disease but luckily that is not the case.  What I found via Google is they split because of moisture and the lack of it.  We get some rain and then the next day it is windy like today.  So the water is absorbed by the fruit of the plant but the skin of the fruit gets dried out because of the wind and can’t expand to accommodate the fruit absorbing more water and then it splits.  In order to combat this it said to water evenly.  I have to work on that.


This creature did freak me out.  At first I thought it was a snake.  Figuring out it was a caterpillar wasn’t any more pleasant.  Sorry but I did have to eliminate it because a lot of them eat plants and cause disease and that’s not good.  If anyone can tell me what this really was that would be great.

Hope everyone is well and those in the path of Isaac are safe.

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Take care,
Jim and Harley


New Tricks?

I mentioned a few posts ago that Harley and I were going to try and learn some tricks. Below is what we came up with.

(In 720HD – a litte over 1 min.)

Not exactly recall training I don’t think, but since I don’t have a helper this is the best I can do. They say flying is an intergal part to have a healthy and happy bird so we are going to keep at this. The next step is to get him to fly back. Knowing Harley that is going to be way down the road. I will also get better at the immediate reward for doing good.

I used to just toss Harley in the air as you can see below.

(Also in 720HD – little over 1 min.)

We’ll continue to do this as well. I think the more I get him moving around the happier he will be.

What do you think? Did you like the video? What can I do better camera wise? I think it’s not too bad considering I am the director, camera crew, and editor. LOL!!!

What did you think of Harley? Did he look like he was enjoying himself? Did I put him in any danger? What would you do better? Any questions?

All feedback below or on the youtube page is welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and read.

Until next time,
Jim and Harley

Galveston Texas

After any hour and a half drive Harley my niece and nephew make it to Galveston TX.


We decided to take a ride on a ferry. This ferry take you to Bolivar Peninsula. This area was hard his during hurricane Ike.


The kiddos were enjoying it.  They got excited as I was pointing out the dolphins.


We all look really happy here.

Basically we got across and turned right back around.


We met some friends at a beach house and hung out on the beach for a bit.


I wonder what other activities people are enjoying as summer comes to a close.