Galveston Bay Fishing Trip

Me a few friends and family took a day trip to fish in Galveston Bay.  I don’t have the info on what company we used as it was my nephew that booked the trip.  Were supposed to go deep sea fishing but something was wrong with the engine and the captain didn’t want to take a chance with us getting stuck in the ocean.  I’m glad she made that call and offered to let us bay fish.

Of course the most dramatic pic is first.  Sure wish I could figure out how to get them to upload in the order I want them to be.

IMG_0741 This poor shark got hooked in the naughty parts.  I guess that could explain why it was throwing up.

IMG_0747 This is how they string up the fish after we get back to the dock.  You can see on the fish on the far right how they document who’s fish is who’s.

My camera was working over time to get some good shots of the sea birds.  I thought this one was pretty clear.  Just a common sea gull.

This might be the same bird.  I think I got it at a good angle.

These birds were following what looked like a shrimping boat.  Occasionally a dolphin or two would show up.

A pelican gliding on top of the water.

A group of pelicans.  Is there a word for that?  Also I am not sure but I think the things they are perched on are covered in pelican poop.

My sister and her catfish.
  She also caught a shark.

This is the boat with the engine problems.  It got us back safely.

The end of the dock at sunrise.

My sister again along with the other people that came along.

Galveston Bay.

I was really intrigued with this shark.  I had never seen one up close.  I wanted to touch it and even touch the teeth.  I was still mostly alive in this photo so it might have really hurt if I did that.  Eventually I did touch one and it feels like of like a rubber tube you might ride on while floating down a river.

In all this was a fun trip.  I had never done any fishing of this sort.  If you were wondering, no I didn’t catch anything.  I am not sure if I’ll do this again.  When I fish it is all about catch and release.  I sometimes get to into the beauty of these creatures to much to want to kill and then eat them.  Watching the deck hands bash them into the side of the boat to kill them is not all that pleasant neither.  I do enjoy sushi and fried fish but somehow this seems different.  I guess that makes me a hypocrite of some sort.

However that evening on the local news there was some sort of health warning about bay fishing.  I was told it has to do with a flesh eating bacteria.  I thought it had to do with something unhealthy in the fish and not to eat them.  Either way because I am a bad fisherman I didn’t have to worry.

Hope you all are having a great summer.  Stay cool.

Jim & Harley


Macaw Monday


Hanging out on the car door as my family tries to fish.  Turns out there was more fishing than catching.



Always on the look out for anything suspicious flying over head.


No not a macaw but had to share a pick of my friend’s red napped (or red capped) amazons.  I think they have 4 all together.  They all look the same to me but they seem to be able to tell them apart.


This same friend raises parakeets.  This cutie was born with only one wing.  So in many ways he’s just like me since I am too lazy to fly.  As you might be able to tell he is not living in the best conditions.  I plan on helping this friend make some needed upgrades.


More pics to come soon.  Especially the pics from the road trip I took to the Rio Grande Valley.

Have a great week.

Jim & Harley