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Inspired by MustelaMania. (I would have done it on Wednesday since it kind rhymes better and that is when MustleMania usually does it too but I got a day behind.)

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Photographing Ferrets

Photographing Ferrets.

One of my favorite bloggers Mustelamania, which you can subscribe to via the link below, has written a blog about how to photograph ferrets.  If you don’t know, ferrets can be very full of energy and rarely sit still long enough to photograph.  The tips from the link above will help you get some great shots of your little fur balls.


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Jim and Harley

Pictures Only

I decided to just do a blog with pics of Harley for you to enjoy.  I will caption every pic but mainly just enjoy the visuals.

To me this almost makes it seem like we live somewhere tropical.  I guess you could say Houston has tropical weather.  Does hot and super hot count as weather?

Not much to say but this is one of the few I could get to come out crystal clear.  I sure wish I knew how to work my fancy Canon camera.

Another one that came out pretty clear.

Nice profile.

I am looking straight at you!

Some pecans have fallen.

Not a great pic because I feel it is not sharp enough.  Not sure what I did wrong but it shows you a great side of his wings.

The polarizing filter helped make the sky pop.

I hope you enjoyed these.  Comments are always welcome.

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In one of my last posts I talked about flight training Harley.    In the post was a video of Harley. I posted my blog and video to a bird forum and people were bent all out of shape.  You can click the link to read the exchanges.

Naturally people won’t always agree with you.  I am not concerned about that.  What concerned me was the poster Parrotz.  He was one the more vocal people on the board and yet if you visit his website you see lots of birds with no leash and no protection outside.

I see no difference in what I was doing and what he does.  So if he says what I do is wrong then what he does is wrong.

As I stated on the thread I don’t feel that I do anything wrong nor do I put my bird in any danger.  Accidents can and do happen.  Such is life.

I have had people go so far as to say it is wrong to let my bird walk on the ground because of germs.  I think that is a bit too much.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Jim and Harley