Another update

Sorry it has been so long since my last post and everytime I do post I say I’m going to post more often.  Well… Here this post is.

Got a job.  First day was today.  Been laid off for about 6 months.  I like the job but driving 2 hours each way will be tough.

And got a call from a recruiter about another job thrust me the same salary and only 20 minutes way from home.

So there’s that


This wild kitty, I’m calling him Ralph Waldo Emerson for now, came crying on my front porch.  I think momma didn’t make it back under my house.  Yes, I do have feral cats under my home.  They run when they see me and I always thought they served the purpose of keeping mice, rats, and snakes away.

Anyway his super cute but with this new job I’ll be traveling most of the time and this guy is so little that he needs constant supervision and food.  I can’t do that for him right now we’re looking for a home.


Harley is doing good for now.  My job might keep eat away overnight bit someone in my family will check on him.

I hope you all have been well.  Until next time.

Jim and Harley


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