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Please caption this photo above.  Comments with the most likes will get a prize.  The prize will either be a large bird toy like the one seen here

Or a photo like the one seen here
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Good luck!
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Bird Toys?

Do any of these items make good bird toys? It is a cat scratching post thingy. It has a packet of cat nip that you could add but obviously wouldn’t for a bird. It costs only $7.99. So can it be used as a bird chew toy?


I have often wondered about these. Apparently they are hooves, horns, and bones. I think the hooves and horns are make from the same things that our human nails are made from. So those can’t be too bad to chew on. As for the bones aren’t those made of calcium? Calcium is good for birds, right? I think that all these two items are okay for birds. Do you agree? If not please tell me why in the comment section.