Short post

Thought I’d at least send out a


Made it out to the park.


Harley decided to shield me from the lite rain.


And one more flower is blooming in my yard.

Hope all are well.


2 Phones Broken In 2 Days

I don’t know about you but I do just about everything on my phone.  This includes writing blogs. Well somehow I managed to break two in two days.  This is the new new phone.  I hope it lasts.


We have had a lot of rain for Tue past few days.  Too much in fact.  Most of the garden isn’t going to make of.  Too much water is bad.  Mold and mildew is deadly for your plants.


My niece spotted a moose in the sky.


I spotted a deer getting some grub and a drink in a creek.


Harley says hello. We hope everyone is well and is not too wet too dry or too hot.

Trick Training Begins

Another question I am often asked is does “Harley talk or do any tricks?”

Yes he does talk but rarely on cue. Is my reply.  I am going to work on that.

As for tricks he doesn’t do any.  I am good Ng to figure out some things that he does naturally like wave or hang by his beak and see if we can label them and then get him to do it on cue.

Wish us luck!  I’ll post progress here.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Here is a pic of us in Galveston for July 4th.  We had a blast and can’t wait to get back to the beach.

How was your 4th and do you have any advice on training?