I hope everyone had the best holidays. Ours were not very eventful. Spent time with family and friends. What else could be better?



I don’t want to whine about work because I am grateful to be employed but it’s gotten stressful and I might not always handle the stress so well. We are on the verge of being sold so everyday there is a million different things to stay on top of. Glad to have a four day break though.



Also, worried that if the new company takes over where or not they keep me. I just want everyone else to be okay. I know if it goes down that way I’ll be fine. I hope.


Decided to try and move around more by riding my bike. I really hate it because it’s work but getting used to it.

I can’t wait to get so into it that I’m posting about it on FB all the time!

Take care and I’ll blog more soon.

Jim and Harley


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