The earth and all its creatures are amazing!

Have you seen this TED Talks video?

All I can really say is WOW! And where can I watch this 3D movie in theaters?

Hope you liked it.

Jim & Harley


7 thoughts on “The earth and all its creatures are amazing!

    • The facts and close ups of the spider silk was awesome.

      I can’t wait for the DVD too but would love to see it in an Imax 3D movie theater. That would be truly amazing I think.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  1. Thanks! Is that Harleybird a pet of yours? I used to breed macaws and still have a couple as pets (in my retirement years). I also used to have a nice Harley motorcycle. That macaw looks like a military/scarlet cross.

  2. Oh, Ok… I should have guessed that!… but I miss my motorcycle too much! 🙂 I used to breed Blue and Golds, Military Macaws, and Hyacinths. I have one Scarlet Macaw, one Hyacinth, and a talkative Yellow Nape… who doesn’t talk nearly as much now that she’s in the same room with the other birds. The Nape would often create her own complex sentences… even questions; but my wife had a serious lung disease (unrelated to the birds) and prefers the Nape to be with the other birds. Harley looks magnificent! 🙂

    • Thanks! And that’s awesome. I find that Harley talks less too. Not because I have other birds but really because he doesn’t understand and I find it hard to teach the difference between screaming and talking. So when I try to get him to stop screaming he often won’t talk neither. I’m trying to let him vocalize how he wants when he wants now but not sure if my ears can take it.

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