Texas Renaissance Festival 2013

My sister and I made the journey once again to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville Texas.
We went on Pirate Weekend!  ARRRRRR!!!!
I have been so many times it’s hard to write about this not skip over many things because in all my years of going not a whole lot has changes.  This is especially true for the shows they put on.

You can click the link and read about one show in particular called the “Dead Bob Show.”  It has been put on since forever and it is exactly the same.  You do need to experience it once.  Only once.

So we rarely see any of the shows because we have seen them all way to many times.  That being said there is a lot to see and do that you might not ever get tired of seeing.

I love the glass blowing demonstrations.  I also like the Birds of Prey show.  Sorry no pics of either.

Kids were dressed up as usual but the tiny pirate aka my nephew doesn’t like to wear his costume for very long.
Jousting is always fun to watch even if the fights or story is the same as it was 20 years ago.







Again lots of fun. If you ever get to go I highly recommend it.



Of course the nephew is too cute and can be such a ham.

Until next time. Have a great week and hopefully 2014 will be even better for you!

Jim & Harley


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