Macaw Monday


Hanging out on the car door as my family tries to fish.  Turns out there was more fishing than catching.



Always on the look out for anything suspicious flying over head.


No not a macaw but had to share a pick of my friend’s red napped (or red capped) amazons.  I think they have 4 all together.  They all look the same to me but they seem to be able to tell them apart.


This same friend raises parakeets.  This cutie was born with only one wing.  So in many ways he’s just like me since I am too lazy to fly.  As you might be able to tell he is not living in the best conditions.  I plan on helping this friend make some needed upgrades.


More pics to come soon.  Especially the pics from the road trip I took to the Rio Grande Valley.

Have a great week.

Jim & Harley


4 thoughts on “Macaw Monday

    • LOL! I did some fishing tonight and almost had one but I didn’t set the hook so it plopped right back into the water right in front of me. Grr! Oh well. Keep trying right? Thanks for reading and commenting.

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