Now for something completely different…

Let me get right to the point, I am currently unemployed.  I quit my last job after 4 months.  To make that long story short it just didn’t work out.  Prior to that I was unemployed for 9 months.  At least at that time I was getting unemployment money coming in.  Now nothing.

I am temping when they call me or tell me they have something for me.  However the jobs don’t pay much and I always seem to be driving for over an hour each way.  Hardly economical.

I keep hearing that Houston has one of the best economies in the nation and that housing is booming but I don’t see it.  Part of the problem may be that I have over educated myself.  I know that sounds like I think highly of myself and I do to a certain degree but I have certifications in affordable housing.

Affordable housing is just that.  I am certified in getting people qualified for the programs.  It is a lot of paperwork and most normal people do not like paperwork but I do.  I guess that makes me not normal.

Anyway when I say I have over educated myself I mean this:  Apartment communities need tons of leasing agents.  They need less assistant mangers.  Then less managers.  Less district managers, etc. etc.  So when you reach a certain level the jobs are fewer.

I keep being told that with my certifications and experience I should be finding jobs easily.  That is not the case.  Although I am getting interviews I am not getting offers.  The one I did get would require a move that I am not ready to make.

So I keep sending out the resume and pray I don’t lose my car or my house in the meantime.  As of this blog I have a second interview for a job I really want and need.  I pray they see something in me that they just have to have at their company.

To bring it back to the bird, which is the reason for this blog, he is much happier now that we spend everyday together.  I guess that is the one good thing to come out of this.  He was not doing so well with me being gone for 8 hours a day while I had my last job.  Hopefully he will regrow some feathers.

Oh and that job I have the 2nd interview for would have me working from home.

Hope you all are well.

Jim & Harley

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Couldn’t leave you without at least a video of Harley


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