Pecans are nearly ready

Everyday Harley and I go out to harvest the pecans that have fallen from the trees.  Already we cannot keep up with them.  Of course Harley eats more than he puts in the bag but even after a while he’s full.  Last year due to the drought there were no pecans.  I guess the trees are making up for it now.

Harley and I will be appearing at the Pet Festival in Old Town Spring this weekend.  It is so much fun.  So many dogs and pet folks to see.  Check out their site for the list of vendors and activities.  If you are here come say hi.  One of the coolest things to see there is the Dock Dogs.  Dogs of all sizes jumping into the water is an amazing sight.  Check out their site for videos.

Harley and I can’t wait to meet lots of new friends and bring smiles to people’s faces.

Hope everyone is having a great October.


Jim and Harley for info and ebay items.


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