I miss you already


Where did all the time go?


At least the temps have cooled.


5 thoughts on “Summer

    • Here in Houston it is pretty hot for the next couple months but…We had a cold front come through. It’s in the 60’s in the AM but 90 by 3pm. The time to enjoy being outside is now! 😛

      • Oh wow! Perfect parrot weather, then 🙂 It’s chilly (50’s and 60’s most days) and drizzly here… fall in New England is definitely not parrot weather!

      • That is kind of chilly. Apparently we have no rain for the next week so that will mean the temps will creep back near the 90s during the day. If the humidity stays low it won’t be as bad as summer. Next week looks like rain and highs in 80s. So that might be our winter. 😛

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