In one of my last posts I talked about flight training Harley.    In the post was a video of Harley. I posted my blog and video to a bird forum and people were bent all out of shape.  You can click the link to read the exchanges.

Naturally people won’t always agree with you.  I am not concerned about that.  What concerned me was the poster Parrotz.  He was one the more vocal people on the board and yet if you visit his website you see lots of birds with no leash and no protection outside.

I see no difference in what I was doing and what he does.  So if he says what I do is wrong then what he does is wrong.

As I stated on the thread I don’t feel that I do anything wrong nor do I put my bird in any danger.  Accidents can and do happen.  Such is life.

I have had people go so far as to say it is wrong to let my bird walk on the ground because of germs.  I think that is a bit too much.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Jim and Harley


4 thoughts on “Controversy?

  1. This controversy, to me, is baffling. I am not a bird owner currently, but as an animal lover, all pets should be given the mental and physical stimulation that they would find in their natural world. Flight is of course a part of that for birds, and there are safe ways to offer that stimulation. Quality of life makes such an immense impact with parrots, and it is heartwarming to see parrot parents who recognize that. I imagine Harley is extremely happy to be living with you, and your bond is probably strengthened through these experiences. I admire that!

    • Someone said to me while this was going on that people often become so rigid in their ways that they can’t see that there might be another way. I totally agree. Like I said in my response I wouldn’t put Harley in danger and with another bird with another personality I am sure I couldn’t to the things with them that I do with my bird.

      Thank YOU for the kind words!

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