Citrus Tree Help…

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I was weedeating near my citrus tree and got to close.


As you can see I took a tiny chunk of the bark off.  My concern is if this will kill the tree.  Or is there something I can do to help like a bandaid.

Here us a pic of the whole tree.


It stands about 4 feet tall.  It was planted last year and gave about 5 fruit.  This year it looks like it might give a few more than that.

If anyone knows about citrus trees or can cross post that would be great.  Links to sites that might help are welcome too.

Meanwhile I will be Googling like a crazy person.

Thanks for taking the time to read and help.


4 thoughts on “Citrus Tree Help…

  1. There IS a way to save that tree.Back when i landscaped for a living with my then Husband,he fixed a tree I whoopsied on the same way in an Onwers backyard.I was hugely embarassed,but the tree made it.Ask a reliable Nursery or Landscape owner,they will know what to do.Basically,you paint something on it,and tape it up temporarily.

    • I believe a few of my citrus trees have the tags on them from where they came. I will give them a call. Thanks for that idea and thanks for the comment.

  2. A Good Lanwcare Service or Nursery can help you fix this.I did the same thing to a cutomers tree many years ago,and the Company I worked for painted something on it,then”bandaged’it up temporarily.

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