The peaches were ready to be picked.  Harley nibbled on one but decided he didn’t like it so much.  Maybe we’ll try again later.

Any ideas on what to do with them?  And remember that I can’t cook.  I was thinking peach tea.

So that makes ten total peaches this year from the tree I planted earlier this spring.


This was the tree earlier this year.  Kinda amazing how nature works.


This flower is from a trailing annual.  Not really sure Pf the name but I love the flowers.


Here is another.


And another.


I can’t get enough.  Beautiful or what?

Of course the garden is overgrown.


Next time I know that it needs to be at least twice the size for that any veggies.  Oh and that large stalk on the right is a radish.  I just learned they are not supposed to grow that big.  Sorry.


Of course Harley is supervising the whole time.

Next up are pics of the other trees in the yard.  Hope everyone is having a great spring.


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